Mahurat of “Shootout at Wadala”

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Amidst huge fanfare, Sanjay Gupta finally breaks through his saade-saati jinx. Lot of water has strewn from beneath the bridge in his career. Post his fall-out with close buddy Sanjay Dutt. Gupta found the entire industry almost ostracizing him. Manyata Dutt had done enough damage to his career not to mention his brotherly relation with Sanju baba.

Taking the hit legacy of ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’ forward with an entire new star-cast (except for the inclusion of Tusshar Kapoor), Sanjay Gupta in his usual inimitable style carved out a brilliant mahurat shot and elaborate sleek promo. That’s been his normal style to woo the industrywalas.

Commenting on the film, Gupta confirmed that, “There will be a lot of hard-hitting dialogues and action packed scenes. We will tackle the censor boards at the right time. Shootout at Wadala highlights the first police encounter and dwells on the life of Manya Surve’s rise into the underworld”.

When quizzed the reasons for including Tusshar Kapoor only from the previous star-cast, he sugar-coated the pill rather than delving on the fact that Balaji Motion Pictures produces the film. “When I first offered Tusshar the role in the first Shootout film, he agreed to do it with the promise that I would write a role for him in my next film too. I am fulfilling my promise and you will see Tusshar in a new shade this time”.

And to end it off, Ekta Kapoor as usual was fashionably late and made an entry after the press conference had begun. Anil Kapoor did a paay laagu producerni-ji for her. Obviously Ekta has the knack of churning gold pots at the box-office with her recent hits. And Anil and the other star-cast definitely know which side of the bread needs to be buttered up. One can’t help but comment on the zillion coloured stone rings that adorn Ekta’s fingers with all the different coloured babaji ka dhaagas. Hope soon, one sees an engagement ring on the Czarina’s fingers too.


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