Rahul Mahajan’s Swayamwar wife makes a comeback on TV

   Dimpy Mahajan, who became a household name over night with her marriage to Rahul Mahajan is back to small screen. After a long hiatus, Dimpy will be seen playing the role of Naagin Jwala on Sahara One’s Kahani Chandrakanta Ki. In a firsts, Dimpy has accepted a full fledged role in fiction genre that too a mythological series.

Naagin Jwala aka Dimpy plays a role of a female serpent who is plots a revenge on a daaku Mangal Singh for killing her beloved Naag Jeewan, a male serpent. The story revolves around Naagin Jwala and her quest to take revenge from daaku Mangal Singh.


Says elated Dimpy Mahajan aka Naagin Jwala, “I am super excited about the role that I have been offered by Sahara One. As a kid I used to watch a lot of mythological shows. The costumes, the sets, the characters always attracted me. I used to dress up as a kid and enact various characters. Finally thanks to Sahara One I got this excellent opportunity to be a part of a mythological show. When I was approached I didn’t have to think twice. To top it up, the entire story line revolves around me. I am a part of practically all scenes. It sounded like a perfect role for me.


Will this Ichhadari Naagin, be successful in taking the revenge from daaku Mangal Singh? Will Mangal Singh be dead? To find answers to these question tune in to Kahani Chandrakanta Ki only on Sahara One every Monday to Friday at 7.30 PM.




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