‘Alive’ Perfume Launch by Arjun Rampal


What : perfume launch

Where : Aurus, juhu

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After months of research and quest for the perfect fragrance, Arjun Rampal joined the elite league of Bollywood celebrities who have their own perfume brands.

Fans of actor Arjun Rampal can now have him on their dressing table as he now has a perfume to his name.
No surprises for guessing that the colour theme for Arjun Rampal’s Alive launch is black and white. To go with the colour of the poster and the packaging Arjun Rampal himself stepped out in white ripped jeans and black top. We all had expected something a bit more omph. Arjun looked notably comfy but don’t think it gave him the cool edge look.


Two years in the making, Arjun Rampal’s perfume was finally uncapped for the world. With two fragrances to start off, the actor has officially become the third celebrity to own a perfume brand.

The other two being Amitabh Bachchan  and  Shah Rukh Khan. Joining the exclusive league has not been easy, claims Arjun. “Selecting a fragrance for a perfume is extremely time-consuming. It took me six months to do so.

One can’t allot more than three hours a day to the scents because after that your sense of smell goes for a toss. I had to continue trying the fragrance and in-between I had to dunk my head into pots of coffee to stop my olfactory senses from shutting down. But you know what, it’s finally all been worth it.”

Asked who he would like to gift his perfume, Arjun named Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor.

“Among actresses, I would gift this perfume to Deepika and among males I might give it to Ranbir Kapoor so that they both smell a bit alike,” Arjun said.

“Alive is my fragrance. There will be two different scents, a masculine and a unisex. The fragrance will be available worldwide but a month later post our launch,” he added.


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